Who We Are

Artivem Mead Co. is an artisan meadery focused on making real life connections and creating world class mead.

Our Story

Artivem Mead Co. is a passion project formed by a couple of friends who believe everyone has value, everyone has meaningful ideas, and there is always room for improvement. This vision for community, creativity, and quality led to a lot of researching, planning, and the start of a great adventure. Which brings us to today.

We are in the beginning stages of what we expect to become a driving force in our local community of Bellingham, WA and the growing mead industry. Our dream is to bring people together to share experiences. We hope to inspire creativity in others. But one thing is certain, we’re going to make really, really, really ridiculously good mead (We’re sorry - that quote probably ruined any credibility we had).

As soon as we finish getting through the legal “red-tape”, we will begin production and open our doors. We’re excited about the things to come, and we hope you are too. If you’re passionate about the same things we are, follow us on this journey so we can connect with you.

Our Name

Artivem - /’ärdə vəm/:

A combination of the Latin words Artis (Art) and Avem (Bird). This blending of words is a symbol of what Artivem Mead Co. stands for: Creativity and Community. The bird is a symbol of the community as birds are inescapably associated with groups or flocks: they live together, they eat together, they wake up and go to sleep together. They live life together in a community.


Artivem Mead Co.’s vision is to share our unique, handcrafted mead that will inspire and grow a community that grabs hold of new experiences.


We're going to accomplish our vision by pushing the boundaries of mead-making and never settling for boring or anything less than exceptional quality.

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We want to hear from you. If you have any questions, comments, awesome mead stories, or just some creative ideas you want to share with someone, contact us!